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How do you know if your deep well pump is bad?

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  • What is a deep well pump?

  • Learn about different types of deep well pumps

  • Signs that your deep well pump is going bad

  • Summary

Having your own well provides some advantages over using a municipal water supply, especially at a lower monthly cost of fresh clean water in your home. Like all residential equipment, the deep well pump may have various problems, then, do you know if your deep well pump is bad?


What is a deep well pump?

A deep well pump is a mechanism that drives water from the ground to the home. The pump is usually paired with a pressure tank to even out the water pressure throughout the home and reduce the number of times the pump needs to be opened and closed. If your pump seems to have a problem, it could mean that the pump is aging and needs to be replaced. This may also mean that the pump size is too small or there are other problems with your water supply system.


Different kinds of deep well pumps

Knowing which pump your home water system uses is the first step in determining the source of any pump problem.

Vertical turbines pump. Vertical turbines pump are typically used in all types of applications, from process water in industrial equipment to cooling towers for power plants, from pumping raw water irrigation to increasing water pressure in municipal pumping systems, and almost everything else Imaginative application. Turbines are one of the most popular pump types for designers, installation contractors and distributors.

Submersible deep well pump. The submersible deep well pump is installed in the home well and will be pumped into the home only when needed. These are the most common types of deep well pumps that can be used in deep wells.

Deep well pumps of appropriate specifications should last 8 to 10 years. Modern deep well pumps installed by certified professionals should be available for many years, but many homeowners find that they do not have enough information to understand the age and condition of the deep well pump to see if it needs to be replaced.


Signs that your deep well pump is going bad

Regular maintenance allows the deep well pump to operate effectively for longer periods of time, but sometimes the parts are only worn and need to be replaced. Your deep well pump is at the heart of your water system, and keeping it running properly means keeping it. Sometimes you may notice problems that cause problems with the deep well pump. You need to understand whether these are simple fixes or major problems with pump replacement, which is an important reason to understand the warning signs of an upcoming deep well pump failure.

1. Low water pressure. the most common indicator of struggling a deep well pump is when you start to encounter low water pressure in the sink, because the iron bacteria block the nipple tube leading to the pressure switch, shower.

These iron bacteria negatively affect the pressure switch and incorrectly sense the pressure; you need to test the iron bacteria in your well water. If you find traces of iron in the water, your deep well pump and screen may be blocked by high-iron bacteria. In order to restore the deep well pump to a better condition, the pump and well should be cleaned to remove mucus, iron bacteria and scale.

2. Cloudy or muddy water. This sign indicates that the deep well pump has failed to filter the muddy water. Before the pump is brought into the water, once the turbidity or drowning of the pump water is seen, this is a clear sign that the pump wears at a very high speed due to the friction between the sand and the sludge.

3. Noisy spit faucet. When dealing with spitting faucet problems caused by air in the piping system, first, the leaking pressure tank airbag is checked, which always results in sporadic air injection in the water system.

Secondly, check the deep well pump failure, and check the water pipe above the pump for cracks or breaks for the third time.

4. High electricity bills. If your monthly electricity consumption is gradually rising and there are no other obvious reasons for high electricity bills, and your deep well pump is running every day, this usually happens when the deep well pump fails, the pressure switch may The amount of water that needs to be replaced/adjusted or in the well may be lower.



Knowing how to test a deep well pump is worse will help you better use and maintain it. If you suspect that your deep well pump is aging or is not powering enough to supply the home properly, contact your water system specialist for evaluation. If you want to buy a durable high quality deep well pump, the Nanjing Wangyang Pumps company has the perfect product.





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