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Nanjing Wangyang Pumps Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, we do the professional design and manufacture of deep well pumps, vertical turbine pump, vertical turbine fire pump, split case pump, QJB submersible mixer, deep well submersible pump, various kinds of fire pumps, and environmental protection equipment. We have a well-rounded team to provide pre-sales consulting, technical support, and after-sales service for the clients across the world. As a manufacturer, Wangyang Pumps has completed casting, machining, assembly, test, and quality assurance system.

Our Pump Testing Centre covers an area of 2000 m2, who adopts international standard ISO2548 B level precision construction. It can test deep well pump, submersible pump, and horizontal centrifugal pump, with the power range of 0-1500kw, flow range of 0-12000m3/h and head range of 0-350m. We have passed the ISO9001 quality management system since 2013, issued by the United Kingdom Guardian Company, and got the CCCF fire certification, issued by National Ministry of Public Security. 

Water Conservancy and Hydropower

 High-flow pumping environment requires more energy-efficient pump products. In the …

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From family homes to commercial buildings and at all levels of district energy network, WY Pumps suppliers a complete solution…

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Municipal Engineering

Every day, WY Pumps provides residents around the world with clean drinking water. We supply a full line of equipment and solutions…

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Mining and Metallurgical

The long-life pumps made by WY Pumps move just about any material quickly and efficiently - be it phosphate rock in …

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Latest News

By introducing world-class pump fluid technology, We have more than 20 years experience in the pump industry, leading or participating in more than 200 domestic and foreign pump projects.

  • Submersible Deep Well Pump.jpg

    How to use the submersible deep well dump correctly?

    Our company produces vertical turbo pumps, submersible pumps and other submersible pumps. Do you know how to use the submersible pump correctly? How to maintain the correct state after use? We will help you understand better.

    17 09 2019
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    After-sales Service of Vertical Turbine Fire pump In Liuxi Power Station

    On March 2017, WY Pumps singed a supply contract of vertical turbine fire pump with Liuxi Power Station, and we rushed to install and adjust the pumps on May. In the recent sales call-back, the customer reflected that the noise of the pump is large than before. Our after-sales engineers immediately

    17 01 2018
  • 1.jpg

    “0”Impact of Tariff Increase, Fire Pump Set Successfully Export to the US

    In recently days, the United States has announced the increase on tariff on 200 billion’s Chinese products and the tariff on some commodities even raised 25%. All the export manufacturers, foreign trade companies, and even freight companies, immediately checked their own or clients’rise rate of imp

    15 08 2018
  • Submersible-Deep-Well-Pump.jpg

    How deep well pumps work?

    The most important feature of deep well pumps is the combination of engine and oil pump. A pump submerged in ground water to pump and deliver oil. It is often used for agricultural irrigation and drainage. In this article, pumps are considered not only in urban water supply and sanitation, but also in wastewater treatment systems.

    19 07 2019
  • Vertical-Turbine-Fire-Pump.jpg

    What is vertical turbine pump?

    Vertical turbine pumps are typically used where liquids need to be pumped up from groundwater surfaces (deep well pumps), artificial underground storage spaces (culverts) or open liquids. The new hydraulics and mechanical design make the vertical turbine pump an efficient, cost-effective and low-maintenance operation.

    21 07 2019
“Prompt response for all the technical and commercial inquiry, very helpful and patient. By the way, thanks for Jmaes’s thoughtful arrangement for our visit to the factory”
---Ali Abbas
“Strong capacity in R&D and variable customized solutions helped us win the bidding against lots of international brands”
---Thomas Miler
“The most professional manufacturer of vertical turbine pumps in China and the reasonable price ensures us competitive in the market.”
--- Stephen White





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