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How to use the submersible deep well dump correctly?

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Our company produces vertical turbo pumps, submersible pumps and other submersible pumps. Do you know how to use the submersible pump correctly? How to maintain the correct state after use? We will help you understand better.

Submersible Deep Well Pump

The main points are as follows:

♦ What is a submersible deep well pump?

♦ How to use the submersible deep well pump correctly

♦ Precautions for using maintenance

♦ Conclusion

What is a submersible deep well pump?

Submersible deep well pump is a kind of hydraulic lifting device, which is directly connected with motor and pump. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, low noise, safe operation, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It is suitable for extracting from deep water wells, hot water wells and oceans. It can also be used to extract rivers, reservoirs and canals. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and human and animal water in plateau mountainous areas. It can also be used for water supply and drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines and construction sites. 

They also have the following advantages: 

1.Motor, pump body, running in water, safe and reliable.

2. As long as the pipeline can withstand the corresponding pressure, there is no special requirement for the well pipe.

3. Installation, easy use and maintenance, small area, no need to build pump house. The structure is simple and the raw materials are saved.

How to use the submersible deep well pump correctly

With the development of society and the development and application of various advanced technologies, deep-well submersible pumps have the advantages of high efficiency and safety, and are more and more concerned and loved by people. So how do we use them correctly? Next, let's talk about how to use it correctly.

1. Avoid dehydration.

Please note that the pump can be commissioned in 5 minutes, but not more than 5 minutes. This requires that during the pumping process, when the water level continues to drop, the pump body should not be allowed to work in the water.

2. Do not restart immediately after shutdown.

After the pump is closed, it must wait for the water stored in the pipeline to start again. Don't start right away. If the water can't come out after start-up, it should stop to find out the reason and eliminate it immediately.

3. Non-pull wire.

When the pump is put into or raised from the water surface, the lifting rope must be pulled and the cable must not be pulled. If you want to move, disassemble or repair, you should first cut off the power supply.

4. Don't start often.

Pumps should not be used for water or mud with high sediment content in drainage and irrigation, otherwise they will cause blockage, affect use and should not be started frequently. During operation, the outside of the pump can be covered with bamboo or wire mesh to prevent weeds from clogging the pump or impeller.

Precautions for using maintenance

(1)Check the current, voltage and outlet pressure every day, check the dynamic water level every two weeks, and make a good record.

(2)Insulation resistance of motor should be checked and recorded every four weeks.

(3)Minimize the number of start-ups in use.

(4)If it is no longer used continuously after falling, it should be started once a week and run for 5-10 minutes to prevent the pump from starting because of rust.


The above explains how to use the submersible pump correctly. I hope this helps. Please contact us for more information. Nanjing Wangyang Pump Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of deep well pumps, such as vertical turbo pumps and other products.





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