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  • On March 2017, WY Pumps singed a supply contract of vertical turbine fire pump with Liuxi Power Station, and we rushed to install and adjust the pumps on May. In the recent sales call-back, the customer reflected that the noise of the pump is large than before. Our after-sales engineers immediately


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  • In recently days, the United States has announced the increase on tariff on 200 billion’s Chinese products and the tariff on some commodities even raised 25%. All the export manufacturers, foreign trade companies, and even freight companies, immediately checked their own or clients’rise rate of imp


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  • With the sustained development of China's economy, more and more projects have been launched. Whether industrial or civil projects, one of the most important facilities is the fire protection system. As the core of fire protection system, it is particularly critical. The safe use of fire pump direct


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  • How to properly assemble a vertical turbine fire pump?With the increasing use of fire pumps, our company also produces a variety of different fire pumps, such as vertical turbine fire pumps, horizontal split fire pumps and so on. Compared with other fire pumps, vertical turbine fire pump can reduce


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  • As we all know, fire pump is widely used in our production and life, such as water treatment, fire safety and other departments will be used. After the reform and opening up, it has been widely used in life and production because of its completely sealed, leak-free, corrosion resistance and other ch


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