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What is vertical turbine pump?

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Vertical turbine pumps are typically used where liquids need to be pumped up from groundwater surfaces (deep well pumps), artificial underground storage spaces (culverts) or open liquids. The new hydraulics and mechanical design make the vertical turbine pump an efficient, cost-effective and low-maintenance operation.


Content lists:

  • Introduction of Vertical Turbine Pump

  • Features of Vertical Turbine Pump

  • Application of Vertical Turbine Pump


Introduction of Vertical Turbine Pump


Single or multi-stage vertical pumps with mixed or axial impellers and a wide hydraulic range are the best options for your specific application conditions. The combination of the dispenser, shaft and bearing, mechanical or cast iron on the surface or underground can be designed to be an open or closed shaft to ensure a long service life. Standard gearboxes can be driven by NEMA VHS standard engines, VSS engines or diesel engines.

Capacity: ≤5000m³/h

Head: ≤350 m

Motor Power: 5.5-1600kW

Rated Voltage: 380V, 6kV, 10kV

Well Diameter: 100- 950mm

Max. Discharge Diameter: 650mm


Material of Vertical Turbine Pump

Bowl: Cast iron, Stainless steel

Shaft: Stainless steel

Impeller: Cast iron, Bronze or Stainless steel

Discharge head: Cast iron or carbon steel

Features of Vertical Turbine Pump

• Suction bell

Each suction bell includes anti-vortex ribs and tail bearing bushings. The suction bells are available with replaceable wear rings

• Impeller

Closed or semi-open designs and cast from various materials for versatility

• Balanced to assure vibration-free operations and polished to optimize performance

• Secured to shaft by a key and split thrust ring

• Bowls

• Combines the energy conversion and diffusion in one single casing, allowing for a direct connection to the column pipe

• Bowl bearings

• Bowls can be fitted with metal or dual (rubber and metal) bearings of many different materials to meet required applications and specifications

• Pump shaft

• The shaft is tailor-made to the service needs and sized individually for each installation; sized for maximum torque

• A stepped shaft with sleeves can be supplied

• Column assembly

• Column pipes are flanged. Line shafts are connected by split ring, key and sleeve couplings. Line shaft bearings are replaceable

• Column assemblies have integral spiders for column diameter above 14”

• Discharge head

• Integral driver stand allows easy access to removable packing/seal box and coupling

• Each standardized discharge head comes with a segmented bend/ motor stool

• Shaft seal

• A packed stuffing box is provided for reliable sealing and simple maintenance


Application of Vertical Turbine Pump

Vertical turbopump (VTP) is a rotary power pump, which uses radial or improved radial flow impeller in vertical configuration. VTP is usually a multi-stage pump, in which many levels of impellers are encapsulated in bowl assembly, and can also be classified as deep or short pumps.

Deep well turbines are usually installed in drilling, and the first stage impeller is located below the pump water level. These pumps are self-priming, usually multistage components, and are mainly used to transport water. Transporting water from deep wells to the ground is the main application of these pumps. These pumps carry water to treatment plants, irrigation sprinklers and faucets at home. Short pumps are very similar to deep well pumps.

In addition, VTP can be installed in the suction drum or below the ground to provide additional suction head for the first stage impeller. These pumps are usually used as booster pumps or other applications where low net positive suction head (NPSH) is available.


Another unique application of VTP is that pumps can run backwards and be used as hydraulic turbines to generate power. When used in this application, the suction nozzle becomes the outlet of the turbine and the discharge nozzle becomes the inlet of the turbine. The efficiency of a pump as a turbine is comparable to that of a pump. Care must be taken, so contact the manufacturer before using the pump as a turbine.For deep well pump, Submersible Deep Well Pump is also applicable


Through the above introduction, we have a general understanding of Vertical Turbine Pump, for more details about the Vertical Turbine Pump ,please contact us now!





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