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Submersible Sewage Pump



WQ type submersible sewage pumps are developed on the basis of adsorbing advanced technology from famous pump manufacturing company in German, with advantages of high technological starting point, obvious energy saving capability, strong matching capability, wide applicability and so on, are listed as key introduced and digested products by former State Committee of Machinery Industry, and have passed the export quality certification and CE certification. After put into the market, the products win favorable comments due to their unique functions and reliable quality, not only are far resold to international market in batch, but also are selected by many national key construction projects to substitute for imported products. This type of products had the honor to be listed as developing item of“Torch Program" by State Science and Technology Commission in 1995, as recommended products by Ministry of Construction, and as promotion products by State Science and Technology Commission in 1997.

Features and Purposes

1.WQ type submersible sewage pumps adopt large-channel anti-block hydraulic power parts, which allow solid parties of dia.125MM to pass smoothly.

2.The electrical motor adopts water jacket type circulated water cooling system to make sure that the electric pump can work reliable under dry condition.

reliably under dry condition.

3.Unique condensation-proof device of motor, removes dampness from the motor automatically to keep its insulation at 300M above at high temperature, make sure that it can work normally and reliably.

4.Automatic coupling system, simple installation, need not pump house, which cut down the construction cost and running cost sharply.


5.The automatic protection system has multifunctional running display, which can make centralized control to every running state and protect it effectively.

and protect it effectively.

6.WQ type submersible sewage pumps can be applied to municipal engineering, factory, commerce, hospital, hotel, residential area and so on, used to drain sewage, waste water or rainwater that contain solid particles or long fibers, also can be used to supply water and irrigate agricultural land.

Model Description

Structure Description Diagram

This series submersible sewage pump adopts advanced technology from foreign countries, has reasonable structure and superior performance. Operating mode of squirrel cage motor is S1. stator insulation class is F (155C).With condensation-resistant device, and there is overload protection element for each phase.

The special "Wangyang LSK-1 series" water pump and water treatment equipment special control cabinet are adopted to ensure durable equipment and stable and reliable operation. 

Installation Mode






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