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How to use fire pump safely?

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With the sustained development of China's economy, more and more projects have been launched. Whether industrial or civil projects, one of the most important facilities is the fire protection system. As the core of fire protection system, it is particularly critical. The safe use of fire pump directly affects its function. Next, we will discuss how to use fire pumps safely. We hope to have a better understanding of fire pumps.

The main points are as follows:

♦ What is a fire pump?

♦ Under what circumstances will the fire pump be used?

♦ How to use fire pumps safely

♦ Summary

What is a fire pump?

Fire pumps are part of automatic sprinkler systems powered by water and electricity, diesel or steam. Pump inlets are connected to public underground water supply pipelines or static water sources (e.g., tanks, reservoirs, lakes). Pumps provide water flow with higher pressure for sprinkler risers and hose risers. Fire pumps have been tested and listed as third-party tests and lists for special use in fire services. They can be operated either by motors or diesel engines or by steam turbines. If local building codes require electricity independent of the local grid, pumps using motors can be installed using emergency generators when connected through listed switching switches.

Under what circumstances will the fire pump be used?

As we all know, it is an important guarantee of survival safety. Once the fire alarm and other tensions break out, if there is no fire pump, then relying on human resources, it is difficult to control the expansion of the fire, even if the rescue, fire fighters arrived, if there is no help, fire hydrant pump, it is difficult to rescue. Let's take a look at the use of fire pumps in our lives.

1.Fire tragedies happen to friends who like smoking from time to time. In many information reports, 61% of large-scale fires are usually caused by small cigarette butts.

2.It is harmful to specialize in disorderly safety of electric wires and so on, and to release inflammable goods freely in the possibility of danger on the spot. At the same time, for example, when looking for direction, lighting may be required because of the darker light. It's better not to use open fire at this time.

3.It is common to use an electric oven to bake clothes on cold days in autumn and winter. It's dangerous for some people to put their clothes on top and bake them. Because many people forget it in the city, the result is that the baked clothes are ignited directly because the temperature is too high. The burning of clothes is still a small matter, but you can imagine how dangerous it is to put them in an electric heater at this time. If gas or clothes are ignited due to forgetfulness, the main valve and gate should be swiftly closed and water should be poured out at will.

Under these conditions, fire pump can play a great role, especially when the fire is no longer controlled by human resources, it plays a greater role.

How to use fire pumps safely

(1) Prepare fire pump before starting:

1. To test whether the motor steering is correct (direction indicated on the fire pump body), test time should be short to avoid dry grinding of the pump: internal parts.

2.Open the exhaust valve and fill the whole pump body with liquid. The exhaust valve is closed when it is full.

3.Check that all parts are normal.

4. High temperature type should be preheated to ensure uniform heating of all components.

(2) Start:

1. Close the pump outlet valve.

2.Open the pump inlet valve completely.

3.Start the motor and observe the normal operation of the pump.

4.Adjust the opening of the outlet valve to the required working conditions.

5.Check seal leakage.

6.Check the motor.


1.Close the outlet valve.

2.Stop the motor.

3. Close the inlet and outlet valves.

4. If long-term shutdown occurs, the liquid in the fire pump should be exhausted.


Whether the performance of fire pump is reliable or not will directly affect whether the fire system can play a role in emergency situations, thus affecting people's lives and property safety. Based on the importance of it, we should attach great importance to all aspects of it. If you want to buy safety fire pump, please contact us. We are Nanjing Wangyang Pump Co., Ltd. We are committed to the production of Vertical Turbine Fire Pump, Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump, Diesel Engine Vertical Turbine Fire Pump and other products.





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