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What are the minor problems encountered in the long-term use of fire pump?

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As we all know, fire pump is widely used in our production and life, such as water treatment, fire safety and other departments will be used. After the reform and opening up, it has been widely used in life and production because of its completely sealed, leak-free, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Because of its superior transport and storage characteristics, it has become a new favorite of many factories. But when things are overused, some problems will inevitably arise. Next, we will do some simple analysis of some problems encountered in the long-term use of fire pumps, hoping to help you better understand.


The analysis points are as follows:

♦ Fire pump application

♦ What are the problems encountered?

♦ Troubleshooting and measures

♦ Conclusion


Fire pump application

In people's common sense, fire pump is mainly used for water supply of fire fighting system. As an indispensable tool of fire fighting system, fire pump has the characteristics of simple structure, stable performance, fast speed, small volume and high efficiency. Because of these advantages of high performance and low energy, the safety and efficiency of fire pump is far ahead of the pipeline tools used for the same purpose. However, the application of fire pump shows its superior strength not only in fire fighting system, but also in industrial production and urban construction. This includes the implementation and expansion of high-end technologies for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, as well as water supply and drainage for high-rise buildings. Of course, we are familiar with long-distance water supply, we may ignore all aspects are inseparable from the application of fire pumps. Even in the bathroom heating and boiler cooling water circulation, but also rely on some practical types of fire pump assistance.


What are the problems encountered?

When using fire pumps, we often encounter different problems, so we must fully understand them before using them. Let us briefly talk about some of the problems we will encounter:

1. Vibration is very serious.


2. Bearing overheating


3. Serious leakage of mechanical seals


4. Motor overheating


5. No liquid can be drawn out.


6. Insufficient lift


Troubleshooting and measures

In the process of repairing fire pump, fault diagnosis is a key link. Following are some common failures and elimination measures:


1) Absorption process is the elimination measures: check the existing net pressure head (too small or too long import pipeline will cause great friction loss).


2) The removal of impellers or pipes hinders the removal of obstacles.


3) Measures for leakage of air or water intake pipeline: check water intake pipeline.


4) Wear and tear of packing or sealing, so that air leaks into pump housing to eliminate measures: check packing or sealing, and replace it as needed. Check whether the lubrication is normal.


5) Measures for eliminating defects of heat absorbers or volatile liquid suckers: increase suckers and consult manufacturers.


6) Measures to eliminate the insufficient immersion depth at the inlet pipe end of the valve: The right to consult the manufacturer about the immersion depth and eliminate the eddy current baffle.


7) Pump shell seal gasket damage elimination measures: check the seal gasket and replace it as needed.



Fire pump is mainly used for pressurized water supply of fire system pipes. It can also be used in industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressure water supply, long-distance water supply, heating, toilet, boiler cooling and heating water cycle pressurized air conditioning refrigeration system water supply and equipment matching occasions. The fire pump produced by Wangyang Pump has the advantages of simple structure, stable performance, fast speed, small size, light weight, high efficiency, large flow rate and convenient operation and maintenance. So please choose us. Our company also Vertical Turbine Fire Pump, Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump, Diesel Engine Vertical Turbine Fire Pump and other products.






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