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Maintenance of Deep Well Pump (Vertical Turbine Pump)

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The whole pump body or working parts of deep well pump will be installed in the water, so the daily repair maintenance is very important.


The repair of deep well pump is divided into three blocks: maintenance ofcolumn pipes, maintenance of working part, maintenance of discharge head. The maintenance of the column pipe is to replace the new equipment and add some equipment or original on the basis of replacing the equipment, to reduce the loss of the water pipe and prolong the service life of the water pipe. The working part of the maintenance is more difficult, you can use the design of deep well pump and two development to carry out. Discharge maintenance, the first thing to do is to optimize the design, reasonable arrangements for the location of the internal equipment to reduce the degree of damage; Secondly, inject some liquid in the deep well pump to reduce the friction effectively, and pay attention to regularly adding and updating liquid to ensure its normal function; Finally, The problem can be avoided by installing some small devices or components.


The cycle maintenance of deep well pump, mainly includes the following two aspects: 1. Regular deep well pump repair, a yearly overhaul, every three months a minor repair. The contents of minor repairs include: removing dirt and dust from the motor, checking the grounding wire, winding joints, the fastener of the transmission mechanism for loosening, checking the electrical insulation resistance of the motor. Overhaul of the contents of the removal of minor repairs, but also include: Check the wear of the bearing, the winding is damaged and replace the lubricant and so on. 2. After a year of operation of the deep well pump, it should be referred to the ground for the overall overhaul. If a year after operation, deep well pump operation is in good condition, can be appropriate to extend the overall overhaul time to two or three years, should not exceed three years. If the pump is not used, it is best to run for about half an hour every week to prevent the machine from damp and rust. 3. For the northern winter temperature of the phenomenon of low, we should take appropriate anti-freeze measures.

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