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What is a fire pump ?

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Fire pumps are part of automatic sprinkler systems powered by water and electricity, diesel or steam. Pump inlets are connected to public underground water supply pipelines or static water sources (e.g., tanks, reservoirs, lakes). Pumps provide water flow with higher pressure for sprinkler risers and hose risers. Fire pumps have been tested and listed as third-party tests and lists for special use in fire services. Fire pumps can be operated either by motors or diesel engines or by steam turbines. If local building codes require electricity independent of the local grid, pumps using motors can be installed using emergency generators when connected through listed switching switches. So what kind of pump is a fire pump? In the following article, we will briefly introduce it.


The main points are as follows:

♦ What is a fire pump?

♦ Fire pump features

♦ Fire pump operation

♦ Conclusion

 Vertical Turbine Fire Pump

What is a fire pump?

Fire pump is any kind of pump, it is part of the water supply of fire system. It is important to know that the fire pump does not produce water, it needs to get water from the water supply system and increase the pressure (energy) of the water. They can be powered by electric, diesel or steam, and can be provided with sprinkler heads, risers, foam systems, sprinkler / sprinkler systems, or any combination of these systems. The intake of a fire pump is usually connected to an external water supply system, but in some cases it can be connected to a local water source, such as a well, water tank or water body. The types of pumps used for fire service include horizontal separator, vertical separator, vertical in-line type, vertical turbine and end suction type.


Fire pump features

1. Because of its own structure, it can work stably, with less noise and vibration, and can work faster. Therefore, they can be widely used.

2. Because the entrance and exit are located on the same central line, the pipeline layout looks simple and beautiful.

3. Castings can be installed vertically or horizontally according to different working conditions, with mechanical seals or packing seals.

4.It looks very beautiful, with obvious industrial design lines.

Fire pump operation

With the increasing use of fire pumps, we also need to understand some of the daily operation methods.

1. Before opening the pump, check the pipe and keep the pump room ventilated.

2. Open the pump inlet and outlet valves. The diversion valve of boiling water pump opens the exhaust valve when water is injected into the pump, discharges air into the air outlet of the pump, and closes the exhaust valve and the diversion valve when water is discharged.

3. Check whether the import and export pressure gauges are normal.

4. Check whether there are obstacles when the rotating part of the pump rotates. 

5. Push the handle of the starter to the starting position and start the motor. When the motor speed reaches normal operation, the handle is quickly pulled to the running position to lock itself. 

6. Check whether the pump has abnormal noise, leakage, vibration and so on after starting. If there is any abnormality, the pump should be stopped in time for inspection. 

7. After the motor is in normal operation, the water pressure is 5-7 kg/cm. If the water meter does not overpressure after opening the outlet valve, the air in the pump will not be exhausted and the stop button should be pressed immediately to stop the operation again.

8. After receiving the notification, you can press the stop button to stop the pump. 

9. Close the inlet and outlet valves and return valves of the pump.

10. Check whether the process system leaks, should regularly clean the filter before the pump.



Whether the performance of fire pump is reliable or not will directly affect whether the fire system can play a role in emergency situations, thus affecting people's lives and property safety. Based on the importance of it, we should attach great importance to all aspects of fire pump. If you want to buy safety fire pump, please contact us. We are Nanjing Wangyang Pump Co., Ltd. We are committed to the production of Vertical Turbine Fire Pump, Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump, Diesel Engine Vertical Turbine Fire Pump and other products.






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