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Diesel Engine Vertical Turbine Fire Pump



XBC seires diesel engine deep well fire-fighting pump, developed by Nanjing Wangyang Pumps Co., Ltd. It is manufactured in accordance with the latest National Standard GB6245-2006. We also improved the design with the reference of the standard of United States Fire Protection Association. It is mainly used for fire water supply in petrochemical, natural gas, power plant, cotton textile, whaf, aviation, warehousing, high-rising building and other industries. It can also aplly to ship, sea tanl, fire ship and other supply occasions. 

Product Features

1. With the advanced hydraulic design and structure, adopting Ashland process to make impeller blade, adopting epoxy coating process in impeller vane, and reasonable selection of materials, enable the pump have an excellent performance and long life.

2. Whirl sand device and maze-like structure make the sand unable to enter the bearings.

3. The diesel engines are all dometic or imported high quality products, thet habe the features of good behavior of starting, strong ability for overload, tight structure, convenient for maintenance, simple to use, and highly automated.

Performance Range

Capacity: 20-1260m3/h

Rated pressure: 1.5Mpa

When pumping clean water ot phsical and chemical liquid

Neutral water, PH=6.5-8.5, chloride ion conten=400mg/l, medium temperature: 40 degree centigrade 


Bowl: Cast iron, Stainless steel

Shaft: Stainless steel

Impeller: Cast iron, Bronze or Stainless steel

Discharge head: Cast iron or carbon steel



Waster Plants


Golf Courses/Turf Irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation



Cooling Tower

Water Parks


Flood Control

River/Sea Water Circulation



Structure Explanation

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