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Working principle for deep well pump (vertical turbine pump)

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Nanjing Wangyang Pumps focus on the production of pumps over 20 years, now combined with our many years of practical experience, to give you a brief introduction of the working principle of deep well pump and daily maintenance, and other aspects should pay attention to. 

Working principle for deep well pump

The working principle of deep well pump is that the motor drives the impeller with high-speed rotation through the shaft of the centrifugal force, the action of the liquid under the effect of the forces, the mechanical energy into liquid, the liquid (water) flying away from the impeller outward, the injection of liquid in the pump shell diffusion indoor speed gradually slowed, pressure gradually increased, The discharge pipe is then discharged from the pump outlet.

Deep well pump design starting point is "not winding, not clogging", and some models are also equipped with a tearing mechanism or cutting device, can be water midfibre dyed, strips and other tear after discharge.

Operating procedures for deep well pump      

1. The operator after passing the examination to obtain the operation certificate, the square quasi-operation, the operator should be familiar with this machine performance, the structure and so on, and must abide by the safety and the shift system. 

2. Before driving, check if the amount of lubricant in the oil Cup is sufficient.       

Open the outlet valve and the shunt valve, carry on the pre-lubrication of the bearing (turn off the shunt valve after driving), check the motor, electrical equipment is normal.       

3. After the start-up, listen to the operation of the sound is normal, often check the motor temperature, (according to the electrical insulation level of motor inspection); Check the instructions of each instrument; Check if the filler is leaking too large or overheating.

4. After work, wipe the equipment, cut off the power, shut off the water valve, do the shift.

Daily maintenance for deep well pump

1. Clean the appearance and environment of the machine.      

2. Check the power cord, magnetic starter, automatic air switch, optional decompression starter, switch capacitor and loop device.       

3. Check control loop switch, Button press state, fast phase overcurrent device and contact connection status. 

4. Check AC/DC control loop transformer, rectifier DC voltage ammeter.   Relays, indicators and alarms, grounding is good.       

5. Check the motor temperature, wiring casing waterproof condition.       

6. Tighten the loose bolts. 

7. Complement the lubricant and check the quality of the oil. In the daily maintenance, we should make "three, two, one." "That is, three look:" Ammeter, voltmeter, thermometer, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, and other measuring instruments, look at the water level, see dripping. Two touch: Touch the motor, touch the valve stem,.  Listen: Listen to the whole machine running sound. In practical work, special emphasis should be placed on safety.      

Because the pump parts, maintenance tools, etc. are relatively large, heavy, the risk factor is also relatively large, a little attention will harm the human body, in particular the need to strengthen their own protection.      

Regular maintenance for deep well pump 

1. Daily maintenance of the entire content.       

2. Replace the failed pads, seals, etc.       

3. Adjust the belt tightness.      

4. Check the grounding resistance. 

5. Clean the tank and replace the new oil.

6. Replace the filler.

Fix for deep well pump 

After operation in a long period of time, there is inevitably some vibration, but it can not be too big. There are several reasons for uncommon vibration: rubber bearing wear is serious. Shaft bent. The impeller is damaged. The bearing bracket is damaged. Pump body disconnect and so on. In the operation of the deep well pump in the process of water loss, it is possible that the impeller is damaged or because the cone sleeve fastening is not good, slipping or producing displacement.  

The shaft of the pump is cracked, the pump body is disjointed, the packing is leaking too large or leak, the water filter is blocked by foreign bodies, pipes have water seepage or connection thread loose, the level is too low cause. Positioning is important when installing the pump body. The upper and lower adjustment clearance is generally controlled between 10-15 mm, according to the series to choose a good pump shaft, the mouth to leave 14.5-15 mm of the activity gap. After the size is fixed, the first section of the impeller installed fixed, the next step must be tightened tighter the better. Carefully check the impeller, leaf shell whether there is a crack, the impeller and the leaf shell with a close, the steel sleeve to tamp to avoid movement, tamper force too hard to hear the real sound can be, so as not to damage the impeller.

The screws of the leaf shell and the leaf shell should be screwed tightly, and assembled well.

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