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Home » Technical Support » Installation » How to install the vertical turbine pumps?

How to install the vertical turbine pumps?

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Vertical turbine pump is a centrifugal pump specially designed to move water from wells or reservoirs deep underground. Also known as deep well turbine pump or spool turbine pump, it is one of the two main types of turbine pump.


  • What do I need to prepare before installing the vertical turbine pump?

  • What must I know to install a vertical turbine pump?

  • How to install a vertical turbine pump?

What do I need to prepare before installing the vertical turbine pump?

(1) First check the diameter of the water well, the depth of static water and whether the power supply system of the vertical turbine pump meets the operating conditions.            

(2) Check whether the electric pump of vertical turbine pump rotates flexibly, and there should be no dead point of sticking. The separated motors and electric pumps should be connected by coupling, and pay attention to tightening the top wire.         

(3) Open the exhaust and water injection screw plug of the vertical turbine pump and fill the inner cavity of the motor with clean water. Attention should be paid to preventing false full and good screw plug. There should be no leakage.           

(4)  Measuring motor insulation with 500 V megohm meter should be no less than 150 megohm.           

(5) Equipped with hoisting tools, such as tripod, chain, etc.         

(6) Install the protective switch and starting equipment of the vertical turbine pump and start the motor instantaneously (no more than 1 second) to see if the direction of the motor is the same as that of the steering sign. If the opposite is true, change any two connectors of the power supply, then put on the shield plate and the water net, and prepare to go down the well. When the motor and the pump are connected and turned, the fresh water must be poured into the outlet of the pump, and the water can be started only when it is throttled out from the inlet.

What must I know to install a vertical turbine pump?

Vertical turbine pump consists of three parts, namely, the working part including the intake pipe, the riser part and the upper part of the well.

(1) The intake of vertical turbine pump must be below 1 m of dynamic water level, but the diving depth should not exceed 70 m of static water level, and the lower end of motor should be at least 1 m below the bottom of well.            

(2)  The motor with rated power less than or equal to 15 kW (power supply permitting 25 kw) is started at full voltage.

(3) The rated power is more than 15 kw, and the motor is started by step-down.        

(4) The environment for using vertical turbine pump must meet the prescribed conditions.

How to install a vertical turbine pump?

(1) Firstly, a section of nozzle is installed at the outlet of the pump, which is clamped by a splint, lifted and dropped into the well, so that the splint is located on the well platform.      (2) Clamp another water pipe with a pair of splints. Then hang up and drop to connect with the flange of the connecting pipe and the rubber pad. The screw must be twisted diagonally at the same time. The lifting chain is lifted to remove the first pair of splints, so that the downward splint of the pump pipe falls on the well platform again. Repeatedly install and go down the well, until all of them are installed, put on the well cover, and put the last splint on the well cover without disassembly.          

(3)  Install elbows, gate valves, outlets, etc., and seal with corresponding rubber pads.          

(4) The cable shall be fixed in the groove on the flange of the water pipeline, and each section shall be fixed with rope. Care shall be taken in the process of going into the well, and the cable shall not be damaged.          

If there is a stuck phenomenon in the process of pumping, if we want to overcome the stuck point, we can not force the pump to avoid stuck.           

(5) It is strictly forbidden for personnel to go down the well during installation.          

(6) The protective switch and start-up equipment shall be installed on the user's distribution board, which shall have voltmeter, ammeter and indicator lamp, and shall be placed in an appropriate position in the well room.    

(7) Adopt the compulsory protective measures of "bundling with wire from motor base to pump pipe" in order to prevent accidents.

The vertical turbine pump is a water-lifting machine that directly connects the motor and the water pump to the submersible water. The vertical turbine pump is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells, and can also be used for water pumping projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals: mainly used for irrigation of farmland and plateau mountains. The water for humans and animals can also be used for water supply and drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines and construction sites. Since the vertical turbo pump is directly driven into the water by the motor and the water pump body, whether it is safe and reliable will directly affect the use of the vertical turbine pump and the working efficiency. 


Therefore, the vertical turbine pump with high safety and reliability is also the first choice.For deep well pump, Submersible Deep Well Pump is also applicable

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