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How to properly assemble a vertical turbine fire pump?

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With the increasing use of fire pumps, our company also produces a variety of different fire pumps, such as vertical turbine fire pumps, horizontal split fire pumps and so on. Compared with other fire pumps, vertical turbine fire pump can reduce energy loss, improve pump efficiency, and greatly reduce the vibration and noise of the pump. But before use, we should do a good job in assembly to ensure safe and normal operation. Next, we briefly introduce the installation and operation of vertical turbocharger pump, hoping to help you better understand.

Vertical Turbine Pump


♦ What is a vertical turbine fire pump

♦ How to properly assemble vertical turbine fire pump

♦ Vertical turbine fire pump operation

♦ Summary

What is a vertical turbine fire pump?

Vertical turbofire fire pump is a new generation of medium and low pressure fire pump set product developed on the basis of the original vertical pump according to the requirements of fire pump. Because of its excellent hydraulic model, this series of pumps can meet the requirements of fire pump in performance, structure, material and matching. The product has the following characteristics:

 (1) the structure of vertical pump has the characteristics of high efficiency and wide performance range;

 (2) the advantages of better saving space;

 (3) the use of high-quality bearings and motors to make the pump run safer and more reliable, low noise and less vibration; 

(4) the use of hydraulic balanced axial force reduction. Balance drum can make the operation more stable. Because of these characteristics, it is now widely used in various occasions, such as residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, commercial buildings, factories, hospitals and other fire water supply places.

How to properly assemble vertical turbine fire pump


1.When installing, the pump should not bear the weight of the pipeline, otherwise the annular pump will be easily damaged.

2.Pump motor as a whole structure, factory has been calibrated, installation without adjustment, installation is very convenient.

3.Before installing the pump, please carefully check whether there is any hard substance in the pump runner that affects the operation of the pump (such as stone, iron sand, etc.), in order to avoid the loss of overflow components in the operation of the pump.

4.Installation must tighten the anchor bolt, each interval should be a de facto period of time to check the passage of the pump to prevent its loosening, in order to avoid the impact of severe vibration when the pump starts.

5.In order to facilitate maintenance and safe use, adjusting valves are installed in the inlet and outlet pipelines of pumps, and pressure gauges are installed near the inlet and outlet of pumps. For high lift, in order to prevent water hammer, it is necessary to install pressure gauges near the inlet and outlet of the pump.Check valves should be installed before outlet gate valves to deal with sudden power outage and other power outages, so as to ensure the normal operation of pumps and improve the service life of pumps.

6.Pumps should be equipped with bottom valves when they are used in the suction range, and the inlet pipe should not be too bent. At the same time, there should be no leakage of water or air to avoid affecting the suction performance of the pump.

7.In order to prevent impurities from entering the pump and blocking the flow passage, filters should be installed before the pump entrance.

8. Rotor parts of rotary pump before installation of pipeline should be free of friction or jam, otherwise, the pump should be disassembled to check the cause.

Vertical turbine fire pump operation

1.Start preparing

(1) Pull the rotary joint by hand, the impeller should be non-grinding and flexible in rotation;

(2)Open the intake valve, open the exhaust valve, fill the whole pump chamber, and then close the exhaust nozzle;

(3)When transporting hydrothermal fluid, it should be preheated before start-up. The heating rate is 50 C/h. The preheating of the pump is realized through the continuous circulation of the liquid, so that the parts are uniformly heated.

(4)Manual pumps shall be used to make lubricating water enter the mechanical seal surface.

(5)Point to the motor and make sure the steering is correct.

2. Start-up and operation

(1) Open all intake valves and close spitting pipe doors;

(2)Turn on the power supply, when the pump reaches the normal speed, gradually open the valve in the spitting pipe, and adjust to the required working conditions;

(3)Pay attention to instrument reading, check seal leakage.

3. Parking

(1) Close the vomiting valve gradually;

(2)Close the intake valve;

(3)If the ambient temperature is below 0 C, the liquid in the pump should be exhausted to avoid freezing and breaking the pump.

(4)If long-term shutdown occurs, the pump should be disassembled, cleaned and packed for proper storage.


In short, only by properly assembling the vertical turbine fire pump can it play a greater role. The vertical turbine fire pump developed by Nanjing Wangyang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is manufactured according to the latest national standards and has become one of the leading suppliers in China. If you want to buy high standard vertical turbine fire pump, please choose us. Our company's fire pump series products include Our company is committed to the production of Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump,Diesel Engine Vertical Turbine Fire Pump and other products.





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