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What is a Vertical Turbine Fire Pump?

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With the development of related industries, fire pump has been more and more widely used. Fire pump is mainly used for pressurized water supply of fire system pipes, industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressure water supply, long-distance water supply and equipment matching occasions. Vertical turbine fire pump can reduce energy loss, improve pump efficiency, and greatly reduce the vibration and noise of the pump. However, in use, the relevant operating rules of the instrument must be strictly followed to ensure safe and normal operation. Next, we briefly introduce the use and maintenance of vertical turbine fire pump.


The main points are as follows:

♦ What is a vertical turbine fire pump

♦ Vertical turbine fire pump installation

♦ Maintenance and maintain

♦ Conclusion

vertical turbine fire pump  

What is a vertical turbine fire pump

It is a new generation of medium and low pressure fire pump set product developed on the basis of the original vertical pump according to the requirements of fire pump. Because of its excellent hydraulic model, this series of pumps can meet the requirements of fire pump in performance, structure, material and matching. The product uses vertical pump structure, high efficiency, wide performance range, can better save the floor area; the use of high-quality bearings and motors, so that the operation of the pump is more safe and reliable, low noise, low vibration; the use of hydraulic balancing axial force, reduce the balance drum, so that the operation is more stable. Its shaft seal has two forms: mechanical seal and packing seal. Applicable to various occasions, such as residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, commercial buildings, factories, hospitals and other fire water supply places.


Vertical turbine fire pump installation

1. Before installation, the pump body should be carefully checked whether there is any hard substance in miscarriage, so as to avoid damaging the impeller and pump body during operation.


2. Pipeline parameters are not allowed to be added to the pump during installation, so as to avoid pump deformation and affect normal operation.


3. Tighten the anchor bolt to avoid the influence of vibration on the performance of the pump during start-up.


4. Install control valves in the inlet and outlet pipes of pumps and pressure gauges near the outlet of pumps to control the operation of pumps under rated conditions and ensure the normal use of pumps.


Maintenance and maintain

1. Maintenance and maintenance in operation

(1) The intake pipeline must be highly sealed and shall not leak water or air;


(2) Prohibiting long-term operation of pumps under cavitation conditions;


(3) In the case of large flow, it is forbidden to run motor overcurrent for a long time.


(4) Regularly check the motor current value in the operation of the pump, so that the pump can run as far as possible in the design working state.


(5) Pumps should be cared for by special personnel in operation to avoid accidents;


(6) The bearing should be oiled every 500 hours.


(7) After long-term operation of the pump, the noise and vibration of the unit increase due to mechanical wear. If necessary, please check and replace the fragile parts and bearings. The overhaul period of this unit is usually one year.


2. Maintenance and maintenance of mechanical seals

(1) Mechanical seal lubricants should be clean and free of solid particles;


(2) It is strictly forbidden for mechanical seals to work under dry grinding conditions.


(3) Before starting, several circles of disc pumps (motors) should be made to avoid breakage and damage of mechanical seals caused by sudden starting.



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