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How do i choose a deep well pump?

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Deep well pump is made of motor and pump. It is a kind of pump that sucks and transports water into underground water well. It is widely used in farmland irrigation, industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and so on. Because the motor is submerged at the same time, the structure requirement of the motor is more special than that of the general motor. Its motor structure is divided into four types: dry, semi-dry, oil-filled and wet.

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  • How to Understand Deep Well Pump?

  • How to Understand the Characteristic and Function of Deep Well Pump?

How to Understand Deep Well Pump?

Before the deep well pump starts, the suction pipe and the pump must be filled with liquid. After the deep well pump is opened, the impeller rotates at a high speed. The liquid in the impeller rotates with the blade. Under the action of centrifugal force, it flies out of the impeller. The velocity of the liquid in the diffusion chamber of the pump shell slows down gradually, and the pressure increases gradually. Then it flows out of the outlet of the pump and the discharge pipe. At this time, because the liquid is thrown around the center of the blade, a vacuum low pressure zone without air and liquid is formed. Under the action of the atmospheric pressure on the surface of the pool, the liquid in the liquid pool is flowed into the pump through the suction pipe, and the liquid is continuously sucked up from the liquid pool and continuously flowed out from the discharge pipe. The basic parameters of deep well pump include flow rate, head, pump speed, matching power, rated current, efficiency, outlet pipe diameter and so on. The application scope of deep well pumps includes mine rescue, construction drainage, water and agriculture drainage and irrigation, industrial water circulation, water supply for urban and rural residents, and even disaster relief.

  Deep well pumps are equipped with the working part of the filter net, the lifting pipe part of the transmission shaft and the transmission device of the motor. The working part of the deep well pump and the lifting pipe are located in the well, and the transmission device is located above the wellhead. When the impeller rotates, the pressure head and velocity increase at the same time, and the flow through the channel of the guide shell is directed to the secondary impeller, which successively flows through all impellers and guide shells, so that the pressure head increases with the flow through the impeller at the same time. The lift can reach 26-138 m liquid column. Deep well pumps are not limited by liquid level concentration and are widely used in mining, petroleum and other industries. Deep well pumps are mainly used for irrigation water in cities and towns, industrial and mining enterprises and farmland. Deep well pump has the advantages of high single-stage head, advanced structure and manufacturing technology, low noise, long service life, high efficiency and reliable operation.

How to Understand the Characteristic and Function of Deep Well Pump?

The pump body of deep well pump is cylindrical, which can be easily put into narrow space. Deep well pump has high head, the longer the deep well pump is, the higher the head is. Deep well pump can customize cast iron, stainless steel, copper outlet. The pump body of deep well pump is made of cast iron and stainless steel.Deep well pumps are suitable for extracting from deep water wells, hot water wells and oceans, as well as rivers, reservoirs, canals, etc. At the same time, deep well pumps can also be used for farmland irrigation and human and animal water in plateau mountainous areas, as well as for water supply and drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines and construction sites.

Through the analysis of the function characteristics and functions of deep well submersible pump, we can clearly understand that deep well pump is a kind of equipment suitable for deep water. With the continuous development of China's marine field, its role will become more and more important. However, in the face of cruel market competition, if a product can not maintain long-term development and improvement, it will only be a step in place, it will certainly be the times. Elimination, in the face of such realistic pressure, deep well pumps on the basis of certain development, but also need to do a lot of research and exploration.

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