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How to install the vertical turbine pump?

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  • What is a vertical turbine pump?

  • How to install a vertical turbine pump

  • Vertical turbine pump installation equipment and tools

  • Conclusion

The vertical turbine pump is a special deep well pump. Before you buy it, it is best to do some related homework, such as one of the most concerned issues.


What is a vertical turbine pump?

Vertical turbine pumps are typically used in all types of applications, from process water in industrial equipment to cooling towers for power plants, from pumping raw water irrigation to increasing water pressure in municipal pumping systems, and almost everything else imaginative application. Vertical turbine pumps are one of the most popular pump types for designers, end users, installation contractors and distributors.


Vertical turbine pump installation equipment and tools

You should prepare some equipment before installing the equipment:

1. Mobile crane that can raise and lower the weight of the pump or motor.

2. Cable sling for connecting the pump and motor lifting eye.

3. Ordinary hand tools. Like end wrenches, sleeve assemblies, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, etc.

4. Wire brush, scraper and fine abrasive cloth.

5. Thread compound and light motor oil.


How to install a vertical turbine pump

Doing some research before buying and installing a vertical turbine pump can prevent a lot of trouble.

Since the vertical turbine pump utilizes multiple components that may align the correct field to more complex, it is important to apply the necessary skills, time and patience to make the necessary fine-tuning to ensure proper alignment.

As with any pump installation, the end user should pay close attention to the application of the vertical turbine pump and the operating position of the vertical turbine pump on the performance curve. A properly sized vertical turbine pump provides years of trouble-free service and increases the mean time between failures caused by wear and vibration problems. Pump manufacturers typically specify preferred and permissible operating ranges and minimum continuous steady flow on their performance curves.

Before starting the actual installation, the following checks should be made to ensure proper installation and delays:

1. If you receive multiple devices, check the pump serial number packing slip to make sure the correct device is being installed.

2. Check the drive horsepower and speed indicated on the drive nameplate and the horsepower and speed indicated on the pump nameplate (located on the unloading head) to ensure they agree within 2%.

3. When using the motor drive unit, make sure that the voltage and frequency on the motor nameplate agree to the available service. Also ensure that the rated voltage and horsepower of the horsepower control box or starter match the horsepower rating of the motor.

4. Check the depth of the oil sump according to the length of the pump to ensure that there is no interference.

5. Check the recommended level in the oil sump and the length of the pump - the relationship of the bowl The assembly must always be submerged in water.

6. Clean the oil sump and piping before installing the pump.

7. Check the installation equipment to make sure it can operate the equipment safely. 

8. Check the tightness of all pump connections (bolts, nuts, etc.). These are properly tightened before leaving the factory; however, some links may be loosened during transit.

9. On the hollow shaft drive, check the clutch size versus shaft size through the clutch. Sometimes the shaft size is different from the shaft size through the discharge head - be sure to check against the shaft and pass the driver.

10. On the solid shaft drive, check the relationship between the motor shaft size and the coupling hole size.



A detailed guide will allow you to better install and use the vertical turbine pump. If you want to buy a durable high quality deep well pump, the Nanjing Wangyang Pumps company has the perfect product.




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