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  • Nanjing Wangyang Pumps focus on the production of pumps over 20 years, now combined with our many years of practical experience, to give you a brief introduction of the working principle of deep well pump and daily maintenance, and other aspects should pay attention to. Working principle for deep we

  • The whole pump body or working parts of deep well pump will be installed in the water, so the daily repair maintenance is very important.(1)RepairThe repair of deep well pump is divided into three blocks: maintenance ofcolumn pipes, maintenance of working part, maintenance of discharge head. The mai

  • The water from fire-fighting water supply is required to pressure by fire pump to meet the fire-fighting pressure and water requirements. So what are the types of fire pumps?1, motorless fire Pump 
A fire pump that relies on impeller rotation to transfer energy to a liquid without a power source.2,

  • According to many years of deep well pump real-life experience, Nanjing Wangyang Pumps Co., Ltd shared the application requirements of deep well pump. Deep well pump is now used in farmland irrigation and drainage, industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and sewerage and sewage treatme





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