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What is the working principle of the vertical turbine pump?

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With the development of industry, more and more deep well pumps are used. This kind of pump has many types, such as vertical turbine pump, submersible deep well pump and so on. Vertical turbine pump are commonly used in a variety of applications, from process water in industrial equipment to cooling towers in power plants, from pumping raw water to irrigation in municipal pumping systems to increase water pressure, and almost all other imaginative applications. Therefore, it is one of the most popular pump types among designers, end users, installation contractors and distributors. So, do you know how it works? Here, we briefly introduce its working principle.


The narrative points are as follows:

♦  What is a vertical turbine pump

♦  Working principle of vertical turbine pump

♦  Vertical turbine pump precautions

♦  Summary

vertical turbine pump 

What is a vertical turbine pump

Vertical turbine pump is a centrifugal pump specially designed to transport water from underground wells or reservoirs. They are also known as deep well turbopumps or shaft turbopumps. It is a special type of centrifugal pump, connected with the ground motor through a long vertical axis, designed to transport fluid from deep groundwater reservoirs. It is also a trusted and proven main pump in industrial environments around the world. With the development of industry, pump design will continue to improve the operation of major industries in the world, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, seawater desalination and mining.


Working principle of vertical turbine pump

Vertical turbine pumps are usually used for drilling to provide agriculture or lawn irrigation, or to supply water to cities that rely on groundwater rather than surface water. They are also used to supply factory water and fire water to factories. So do you know the working principle of them which is so widely used?


They move in a specific direction by colliding gas molecules with moving solid surfaces. The rapidly rotating fan rotor impacts gas molecules and blows them from the pump inlet to the outlet, thus forming and maintaining a vacuum state. Most turbopumps use multistage pumps. Each stage has a fast rotating rotor blade and stator blade. Pumps work like compressors, which provide energy for gases rather than exhaust them. When the gas molecule enters the inlet of the pump, it is impacted by the rotor blade, and the mechanical energy of the blade is transferred to the gas molecule, thus giving it kinetic energy. Gas molecules use this kinetic energy to enter the gas transmission holes in the stator. The gas molecule collides with the rotor surface again and then moves outward to the exit.


Vertical turbine pump precautions

Only when we fully understand something can we make better use of it. Therefore, before purchasing and installing it, we can do some research to make better use of it. Since vertical turbine pumps use multiple components to align the correct magnetic field with more complex magnetic fields, the necessary skills, time and patience must be used to make the necessary fine-tuning to ensure correct alignment. As with any pump installation, end users should pay close attention to the application of it and the position of it on the performance curve. Suitable size can provide trouble-free service for many years and increase the average time between failures due to wear and vibration problems. Pump manufacturers usually specify optimal and permissible operating ranges and minimum continuous steady flow rates on their performance curves.


(1) Before installation, please carefully check the driving power and speed displayed on the pump serial number packing list and the driving nameplate, as well as the power and speed displayed on the pump nameplate.


(2) Check the depth of the oil pan according to the length of the pump to ensure that there is no interference.


(3) Clean the oil pan and pipeline before installing the pump.


(4) Check the tightness of all connected objects. Although these are tightened properly before they leave the factory, they may be loosened during transportation.


(5) Check the installation equipment to ensure safe operation.


When installing and using, it can only be used safely after noticing all the contents.



After reading this article, do you have a better understanding of the vertical turbine pump ? I hope you can use it better after you understand its working principle and precautions. Of course, if you want to buy high quality and high standard deep well pumps, please contact us. Our Nanjing Wangyang Pump Industry has perfect products.





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