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Why vertical turbine pumps are used?

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  • What is a vertical turbine pump?

  • What are the advantages of a vertical turbine pump?

  • When should you choose a vertical turbine pump?

  • Conclusion


Vertical turbo pumps are a popular type of deep well pumps, but most people still don’t understand, what is vertical turbine pump and why vertical turbine pumps are used?


What is a vertical turbine pump?

A vertical turbine pump is a specialized type of centrifugal pump designed to deliver fluid from a reservoir that is typically deep underground. The vertical turbine pump is connected to the surface motor by using a long vertical shaft.

Vertical turbine pumps are primarily used to pump water from deep pits or wells to a water distribution system, including motors, discharge heads, one or more flange posts for receiving shafts, and one or more bowls (or stages) ). It is also recommended to install a basket filter on the last bowl to prevent large amounts of solids from entering the pump.

Vertical turbine pumps are the trusted and proven main pumps in industrial environments around the world. The pump design continues to improve operations in key industries around the world such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electricity, desalination and mining. The vertical turbine pump is designed to handle challenging applications and has a long history in the Los Angeles area more than a hundred years ago.


What are the advantages of a vertical turbine pump?

One of the key advantages of a vertical turbine pump is its versatility. This pump can produce flow rates from 50 to 30,000 gallons per minute (GPM) or higher. They can also be configured with multiple phases to create the stress required by the application. Due to its versatility, vertical turbine pumps are one of the most common types of centrifugal pumps. In many applications, vertical turbine pumps are used instead of submersible pumps. In some cases, the required flow rate may be greater than the flow that the submersible pump can deliver. So they use a more powerful vertical turbine pump.

Moreover, the vertical turbine pump has a small footprint and there is no startup problem since the impeller is submerged in the fluid (as long as the minimum immersion requirements are met). They are easy to customize and are highly efficient in high lift, low flow applications.


When should you choose a vertical turbine pump?

1. When size and length are important. The vertical turbine pump has a smaller footprint than the horizontal pump and can be installed in a small space. You can also extend their length to well below the ground to maintain a positive depth in the extraction tip.

2. When your intake is high. Vertical turbine pumps are commonly used in raw water applications such as rivers or lakes. Their reliability and high air intake make them an excellent choice for moving large amounts of water.

3. When you need to cover a lot of ground. Vertical turbo pumps can be stacked in stages to maintain pressure and pass through over long distances. The turbine system is scalable as it can be added later.

4. When you are working in extreme cold, because the vertical turbines are pumped to the ground, they are usually protected from cold temperatures.

5. When you are working in a flood zone. Vertical turbine motors are located on the top of the unit, so they are usually not as close to the ground as a typical pump. This height provides some protection against rising water and allows for easier monitoring.

6. When your needs may develop. Vertical turbo pump systems typically scale better than horizontal pump assemblies. Some experts pointed out that "a vertical turbo pump can be purchased in five stages, or it can be purchased on the impeller to meet the maximum head or pressure requirements... One example is the mining operator, the first year it only takes one stage... the second year... the pressure is greater and more stages can be added."



In this article, we discuss how vertical turbo pumps work, their advantages, so that you can better understand this unique type of deep well pump. If you want to buy a durable high quality vertical turbine pump, the Nanjing Wangyang Pumps company has the perfect product.






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